"The Texas Mod"

Performance Exhaust Modification
Porsche 997.2 (only) 

The "Texas Mod" is an exhaust modification that connects the muffler inlet tube to the unused "third" boss on the muffler. This sends part of the exhaust through the third chamber of the muffler that is normally only used with the factory Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE). The difference in sound is remarkable and easily one of the best sounding exhausts available for the second generation 997. 

Unlike other Porsche muffler modifications that connect a tube directly between the muffler inlet and the outlet effectively allowing some of the exhaust to bypass the muffler altogether, the Texas Mod sends 100% of the exhaust through the muffler. This design knocks the harsh edge off the exhaust note that would otherwise be caused by some of the exhaust gasses completely bypassing the muffler. The resulting sound of the Texas Mod is a very sporty sound without the extra volume and harshness of other systems and without annoying drone or resonance. This is a very Porsche sounding exhaust.

While some people are happy with the sound of the bypass style modification, others appreciate the refined but very sporty tone of the factory PSE exhaust. This is where we come in with our Texas Mod. For a fraction of the price and trouble of retrofitting your car with the factory PSE or an aftermarket exhaust, we can modify your mufflers. 

Texas Engine Machine uses only the finest grade mandrel bent stainless steel tubing precisely fit and welded with stainless steel rod using our Miller Syncrowave TIG welder. All tubing and openings are carefully deburred during the fitting process prior to weld-up.

We strive for a two day turnaround on your mufflers, so you always know exactly what your getting back. Our charge for this modification is $395 with return ground shipping to the lower 48 included at no additional charge.

Watch the following videos and listen for yourself.