Audi Turbo

After earning his Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Engineering at Texas Tech University in 1992, Jeff Winn worked in the oil and gas fields of south Texas as a Field Engineer for Dowell Schlumberger. While the work was rewarding, family considerations would eventually prompt a return to his home town of Llano, Texas as well as a new career path. In 1997, building on life long interests in metal work, the internal combustion engine and motorsports, Texas Engine Machine, Inc. was born.

Texas Engine Machine provides quality and value for our neighbors near and far. Due to a business model that stresses quality over quantity as well as friendly and responsive service, we have developed a loyal customer base. Our typical customer wants to do it right and to do it once and understands that you get what you pay for.

We offer a broad array of engine machining services as well as competitive pricing on all major brands of engine parts. We pride ourselves on being engine parts experts and can assist our customer in ordering the right parts to meet his or her needs.  As a result, we are generally able to achieve better component matching while avoiding many of the pitfalls encountered when relying on mail-order sales people for advice. 

Jeff is joined at the shop by machinists Tim Lindell, Mark McDonald and Jon White. Tim, a hot rodder and former U.S. Navy nuclear electrician, takes care of the majority of the cylinder head work. Mark, another enthusiast with a high performance automotive and marine background as well as a successful career as an electrical engineer, handles the block work, connecting rod reconditioning and crankshaft balancing. And Jon, a seasoned metal worker and fabricator, is a true utility player who is able to fill many rolls around the shop. As for Jeff, you will see him communicating with customers, grinding crankshafts, ordering parts, and involved closely in every aspect of day to day operations.

It is our hope that you will give us the opportunity to handle your engine parts and machining needs.

Thank you!